No Insurance? Don't Sink Into Despair.

Call Eguino & Associates Insurance Agency for flood and boat insurance in Miami, FL

Has a severe storm left your home in three feet of water? Keep your head above water and get a reliable flood insurance plan at Eguino & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc. in Miami, Florida. Our flood insurance plan will help cover your furniture, clothing, electronics and other personal belongings costs if damaged.

Set sail with Eguino & Associates Insurance Agency by your side

It's not uncommon to have a boat in the Sunshine State. However, many do not have proper boat insurance. What would happen if an uninsured boater collided with your watercraft and you or one of your passengers were injured? Safeguard your boat and your liability with help from Eguino & Associates Insurance Agency. Our boat insurance policies can:

  • Cover a motorboat, sailboat or personal watercraft if it's stolen
  • Help pay to repair or replace your boat after it's damaged in an accident
  • Protect you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your boat

If you want boat or flood insurance, call 305-266-1700 to schedule a consultation with Eguino & Associates Insurance Agency. We have low-rate insurance plans in Miami, FL.