What factors determine the rate I'll pay for auto insurance?

There are various factors that determine your rate, including your: age, driving record, the make and model of your car or truck, your credit rating and others. These and other factors are figured into statistical models to determine the rate you will pay.

Are friends and family who drive my car insured under my policy?

To ensure that each driver is covered you should specify those people on your policy, but generally people who have been given permission by you will be covered.

If my car is "totaled" in an accident will my insurance replace it with a new one?

Most auto insurance provides cash value settlements which will pay for replacement based on the current value of your car or truck. In the event your auto is stolen or damaged beyond repair, the coverage will pay for a comparable vehicle based on the depreciation of your original vehicle.

Can the driving records of my family members affect my auto insurance rates?

Yes, the driving record of any licensed drivers in your household can affect your ability to be insured and the premium rates you pay.

Can an insurance company cancel my policy?

Your auto insurance can be canceled if you fail to pay your premiums or if you driver's license is suspended or revoked during the policy term.

Can I be refused when it is time to renew my insurance policy?

Your insurer may refuse to renew your policy provided they provide the reason in writing 30 days prior to the end of the policy term.

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